Making Issues of Sexual Health in Women a High Priority


More than 43% of women across the country, of all ages and races, have some type of sexual complaint or problem; but more often than not, they don't talk to their doctor about it. When surveyed, 72% of women report that they want improvement in sexual satisfaction.

Why do doctors and patients avoid talking about sexual issues? Many barriers exist that often limit effective communication between the patient and their doctor. Patients often feel embarrassed.  ome avoid the conversation because they are uncertain that anything can be done. Older patients sometimes feel that it's a taboo topic and have a preconceived notion that "older people" are supposed to be asexual. Doctors often feel like they are opening up Pandora's box and it may take too long to fully address the issue.

Regardless of who's avoiding initiating the conversation, women have real issues that are bothersome and need to be addressed. There are now new procedures available to help effectively alleviate symptoms of vulvo-vaginal atrophy that are non-invasive, non-hormonal, and require no downtime! So let's get the conversation started and make issues of sexual health in women a high priority!  

LaToya B. Stephens, MD, FACOG
Review of ReachMD Broadcast:  How to Make the Issue of Low Sexual Desire in Women a High Priority for Doctors 
Article by
Newnan OB/GYN