Pucker Up With Lip Augmentation: What You Need to Know


The shape and volume of the lips is an attribute that many do not take heed to until it is too late. The effects of aging or other natural causes can create wrinkles, contours, and drooping. These effects are most obvious in aging women, but even those as young as their early twenties are wishing for fuller or more voluminous lips. Lip augmentation is for those who wish to achieve a more youthful look through a minimally invasive surgical procedure or injection. There are many options when it comes to how patients want to achieve their desired look. With a variety of injection choices, patients are able to decide what they want going into their body, and which will have the best-looking results.

Once a patient decides that lip augmentation is, in fact, right for them, there are certain factors that must be examined such as existing health problems like cold sores, diabetes, or blood-clotting problems. For those with a history of any of these conditions, it's probably best to avoid any type of cosmetic operation. If patients are deemed healthy, the next step in the augmentation process is to decide whether an injection will lead to the sought after results, or if an implant is necessary.

If injection is determined to be right for the patient, the process can begin immediately. Using local anesthesia, the lips and mouth area are temporarily numbed, and an injection is made. The effectiveness of the injections varies throughout patients; sometimes multiple injections are necessary along different points of the lips in order to shape the lips properly. Procedures using injections are generally priced per syringe, therefore if more than one is necessary, patients can expect an increase in the price of their operation. Once the lips are filled and shaped, the patient can be released from surgery, and the steps to recovery can be initiated.

The recovery process starts with a bag of ice directly on the mouth area to reduce swelling and relieve any pain present immediately after the procedure. Lip augmentation can be hassle free, and the voluminous lips that are so often swooned over can be obtained. Call a board-certified plastic surgeon to schedule a consultation for getting the lips of your dreams.

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