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Sagging skin, stretch marks, dark circles from sleep deprivation…we talk openly about the changes we experience after bringing our precious little ones into the world. There are some big changes that nobody talks about. What happens down there? Yes, that’s right. Pregnancy, childbirth and even the natural aging process causes some major changes in our vaginal area. 

Do you pee when you run, jump or laugh? 

When you have to pee, do you have to RIGHT NOW? 

Is intercourse dry or painful? 

Do you not enjoy sex anymore because everything feels loose? 

Do you have trouble reaching orgasm? 

We hear “yes” from so many of our patients. Many have just accepted that the leaky bladder, orgasmic dysfunction and dryness are part of having kids or the the normal aging process. Another portion of them are too embarrassed to talk about their issues. 

What is it? ThermiVa is a series of three 30-minute treatments that uses radiofrequency heat to gently heat the vaginal tissue inside and out. The heat tightens the tissue, provides immediate shrinkage and stimulates new collagen growth. It may also help to increase blood flow and heal nerve endings. 

What does is feel like? We use an “S” shaped probe to heat inside and outside the vagina. Most patients report it feels like a warm massage. All of the ThermiVa treatments are performed by a highly trained female nurse. 

What is the recovery like? There is absolutely no downtime after the treatment. Want to go work out right after? Go for it! Have sex? Enjoy!

When should I expect results? Most women notice results immediately, but a series of three treatments is recommend for optimal results. When our nurse is performing the procedure, she can actually see a noticeable difference in the tissue that’s been treated versus not. Our patients report that full results last 12-18 months and we offer a touch-up once a year to help maintain your result. 

Who is a candidate? As long as you’re 6 weeks postpartum and don’t have significant bladder or rectal prolapse you’re a candidate. ThermiVa helps restore the elasticity of the vaginal tissue and can reduce the healing time in those who had tearing or episiotomies during child birth. We don’t use any medication or numbing agents so breastfeeding mamas are good to go.

Enough from us, we’ll let one of our patients tell you about her experience. 

“My labia had become quite distended post childbirth making it unattractive and uncomfortable. What started as unsightly skin became dry and painful during sex. The ThermiVa result was dramatic and the broader benefits a welcome surprise. The distended skin was much shortened, the skin texture more youthful. I have better moisture and improved arousal. My husband noticed the tightening effect inside and out. I also noticed a disappearance of the occasional urinary leaks when sneezing, laughing or coughing too hard. Now, no leaking. Women need to tell women what has worked for them. ThermiVa worked for me.”

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