Implants and Your Workouts


When you are choosing the size of your breast implants, you will have a number of factors to consider. One of the factors that should be weighed carefully is your fitness regimen. If you are a regular runner, weight lifter or other type of athlete, the new size of your breasts could have a direct impact on your ability to keep up with your workouts. For women in this category, there are a few things to keep in mind as you select your implant size and the right placement of those implants for you.


The type of exercise you do can impact the size of the implants that will work best for you. For example, runners may find that very large breasts hinder them from their workouts, while a more proportionate breast size does not have a negative effect. In addition to the extra size, having more weight in the front can place strain on the back and shoulders, particularly when performing exercise like running.

Strength training is another program that can be very much impacted by a significant increase in breast size. In fact, depending on the placement of the implants, the chest muscle may even look distorted when flexed during weight lifting. Choosing a proportionate implant size and placement of the implant above the chest muscle is often the best choice for patients that fall into this category.


Size is not the only thing to think about when matching your implants to your active lifestyle. Breast implants can be placed both on top of the chest muscle (known as subglandular placement), or underneath a portion of the chest muscle (known as submuscular placement). Body builders tend to prefer subglandular placement due to the distortion that can occur to the pectoral muscle mentioned above. However, other athletes may decide submuscular placement gives them a more natural look that interferes less with their physical activity.

Dr. Michael Ciaravino offers both subglandular and submuscular placement with great success. Dr. Ciaravino will discuss your goals as well as your fitness regimen to help you determine which placement will serve your needs best. It should be noted that submuscular placement can make for a longer recovery process, which may keep you from getting back to your workouts a bit longer than subglandular placement. However, for patients better suited to submuscular placement, the extended recovery time is generally not enough to change their decision.


Your fitness program will not be the only deciding factor when selecting implant size and placement. Other factors the Dr. Ciaravino will consider when helping you choose your implants include the following:

  • Your current breast size and the amount of breast tissue you have
  • The width of your chest and the overall size of your frame
  • The current shape and position of your breasts
  • The results you are hoping to achieve

To ensure you make the best possible choice in your implants, Dr. Ciaravino will use Vectra 3D breast imaging to help you visualize how you will look with your new breast size. 

Dr. Ciaravino uses a precise sizing system using your personal measurements to help you choose the best implant size for you. He will also take into consideration your fitness regimen to ensure you are satisfied with both the look and the function of your new breasts. 

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