Hyperbaric Oxygenation an Essential Complement After Plastic Surgery


There are many complete aids for a fast recovery in plastic surgery, the most important is always that the patiens always follows the instructions of your Doctor. 
Hyperbaric Oxygenation is to provide 100% of pure oxygen, increasing atmospheric pressures above the normal environment, while oxygen is received by the body throught breathing.

Some Advantages and benefits of Hyperbaric oxygenation:
- Quick elimination of pain
-Less Swelling and bruising
-Avoid the risk of infection by increasing the body's defenss
-Accelerate the healing of tissues involved in Plastic Surgery
-Faster Recovery of post -surgical Stress
-Improves your skin and stimulates collagen with a rejuvenating effect
-Incresce vitality
-Fee wellness and relax

So after your plastic surgery think about this option, is a essential complement for your recovery. 
Article by
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon