How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?


Probably the most frequent question we get is “How much does a hair transplant cost?”. Many consumers have been to multiple doctors and clinics looking for the best price for this service. Cost can be calculated on a per graft basis or per procedure. There are also the costs of the medicines needed and possibly maintenance therapy. In addition, there can be differences in price between the strip method and NeoGraft technique.
Unfortunately, as with any industry, there are often doctors and clinics that misrepresent themselves and their prices to get customers in the door. Some of the clinics even have the patient meet with a salesman with no medical training at the initial “consultation”. The patient then only meets the doctor on the day of surgery. What is equally as bad is there are even doctors with no surgical training offering this procedure.
“Buyer beware” could not be truer than for the prospective hair transplant patient. When looking into hair transplantation, do your research on the doctor or clinic you are contemplating using. At Look Natural Hair Transplants, all of our doctors are board certified plastic surgeons. This means we have undergone rigorous surgical training and have been certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. We only use the highest quality technicians with extensive training in hair transplantation to facilitate the procedure. You will meet with a surgeon at each and every visit.
Given what we offer, it may stand to reason that we could not provide affordable pricing for this procedure. However, this is not the case. At Look Natural Hair Transplants we offer hair transplants at extremely competitive pricing. The initial consultation is always free and will be done by one of our surgeons. In fact, we will match any quote from a board certified plastic surgeon who offers NeoGraft hair transplants.
It is impossible to give a quote prior to meeting and evaluating a patient. Each patient is unique and needs to be seen and examined by a plastic surgeon prior to deciding if he or she would benefit from hair transplantation. So don’t wait any longer, make your appointment for a free consultation today!
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