Give a New Breast Size a Test Drive Before Committing: How Adjustable Breast Implants Give Clients Choice and Security


Choosing a new breast size is no simple task.  I should know.  I’ve watched hundreds of women grapple with the decision – cutting out magazine pictures, spending hours looking at virtual projections and even stuffing their bras to test out sizes.   When you get a surgery that makes a permanent change to your body, significant consideration is required.  

But what if the decision wasn’t permanent?  What if you could try a size and change your mind later?  Now, you can.

Last year alone, over 300,000 women had breast enhancement surgeries.  I can guarantee that almost all of them were nervous about making the right decision about size.  When I offer my patients adjustable implants, however, I watch as their apprehension dissipates.  They get to enjoy the excitement of the process without any of the fear of making the wrong choice. 

Adjustable breast implants are just what they sound like.  They are saline implants which have a small, connected port that allows doctors to adjust the size up to 20% within the first 6 months following surgery.  During the in-office procedure, which requires no sedation, doctors use a small needle to either remove or inject saline.

Just like with all surgeries, patients experience some post-op swelling, so most doctors wait a couple of months to do any adjustments.  This way, the true size of the implant is visible and patients can make the best assessment. 

This means that they have about 4 months in which they can change their minds – 4 months of buying new clothes, going to work and social events, and looking at themselves in the mirror.  Living with their new breasts in the real world helps women know what they want.  And often, women decide they want a bit more fullness.  For patients who choose traditional implants, however, this small increase isn’t possible. 

During the adjustment window (2-6 months post-surgery), women can change the size as many times as they want until they feel comfortable.  After 6 months, or after a patient makes a final decision, the small port that allowed adjustment is removed during an outpatient procedure with local anesthetic.

Although the adjustable implant itself does cost a bit more than a traditional implant, you should find a surgeon that does not ask more for the procedure.  A decision as important as this one should not be determined based on cost.

Most of us probably wish that all major decisions came with windows of time in which we could change our minds.  For most choices, that will never be possible.  Once you sign the dotted line, you own the car or the house.  Once you say, “I do,” it’s a done deal.  But, at least adjustable breast implants now let you make a final decision without all those pesky “What ifs."

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