7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Tummy Tucks


1. What issues can a Tummy Tuck address?
• Excess fat tissue prominent in the upper and lower abdomen
• Separation of the anterior abdominal muscles, which exercise cannot correct
• Wrinkly or loose skin with stretch marks usually caused by aging, significant weight loss and pregnancy.

2. At what age should I get a Tummy Tuck? There is no "normal" age to get a Tummy Tuck. If you are a woman, it is most often done after you have given birth and do not plan on having any more children. If you are a man or a woman considering a Tummy Tuck after losing significant weight, it is best to get the procedure after you have lost all the weight you intend to lose.

3. Can exercise tighten my skin without a Tummy Tuck? While exercise is good for the body and exercise can assist in weight loss, there is no "spot" exercise to make your skin tighten. Only surgery can accomplish that.

4. Is getting a Tummy Tuck a good way for me to lose weight? The best candidates for Tummy Tucks are people who are within 10 – 15 pounds of their ideal body weight or have attained their ideal body weight but still have the abdominal skin problems which do not respond to further exercise or weight loss or exercise.

5. Will my stretch marks go away if I get a Tummy Tuck? Stretch marks located on the lower abdomen may be removed along with the extra skin during your Tummy Tuck. Stretch marks located on the upper abdomen will be shifted downward as the skin is brought downward. The stretch marks that remain will be smoothed and tightened somewhat.

6. Will getting a Tummy Tuck tighten my loose skin? Yes! That is one of the main purposes of a Tummy Tuck.

7. Can the problems come back after I get a Tummy Tuck? Fat will not come back unless you gain weight in which case all body areas of your body will share in the weight gain. However, after getting a Tummy Tuck, the treated area will have a decreased capacity for additional fat because many of the fat cells will be removed. As time passes, you should expect your skin and muscles to stretch naturally. Nevertheless, you will enjoy a better body contour for many years following surgery.

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