5 Favorite Cosmetic Procedures for Dr. Bass’ Male Patients in Phoenix


These days, men seem to be changing their attitude about a number of issues that were usually reserved mainly for women. Men have always thought that diet, supplements, exercise and grooming products were holding back father time. But nowadays, as they are feeling pressure to look younger and appear more dynamic, they are looking more frequently to plastic surgery.

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has published statistics which show that surgery is becoming increasingly popular for men who wish to address their personal appearance, compete with younger men for jobs and make some changes to increase self-confidence or fix the results of an injury.

Here is the “Countdown of the Top 5 Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men”

Number Five: Gynecomastia  (male breast/chest reduction)

This is the solution when breast tissue overdevelops or when aging creates sagging of chest skin. Men become self-conscious and hide an otherwise acceptable physique.  Luckily, size reduction is easily resolved with liposuction. Excess skin can be lifted to create a much more desired shape.

Number Four: Rhinoplasty (aka: nose job)

Because it is right in the middle of the face, an unattractive nose is a concern for many men. Surgeons aim to subtract the negative aspects and emphasize the strong features while sculpting a nose that is proportional and in balance with the man’s other facial features.

Number Three: Blepharoplasty  (Eyelids)

Eyelid surgery for men is extremely popular because it takes away the “tired look.” As skin around the eyes ages, it shows effects of environmental and physical occurrences, i.e., constant rubbing of eyes, allergies, excess fullness and excess crinkled skin. This can occur on the upper as well as lower eyelids. When men choose to have their “eyes done”, they find that their physical appearance then matches how young they feel inside. They achieve a significantly more youthful appearance.

Number Two: Liposuction (Body Sculpting)

Liposuction is the procedure for men that gives them the flat abs and gets rid of those unwanted “love handles”. Another popular area, under the chin, gives a more chiseled neck and jaw-line for an overall more stronger, youthful appearance. Liposuction is often used for treatment of gynecomastia, discussed above.

And, drum roll, please….
The Number One Procedure for Men: Face and Neck Lift!

Standards for the aesthetics of men’s faces have changed and with men now having more open-minded attitudes towards cosmetic surgery, we are getting increasing requests for face lifts and neck lifts from men. When Dr. Bass works with male patients, his goal is to listen to their concerns and redirect what they have into what they need. The results are to sharpen and highlight the man’s jawline, chin and neck, giving a fresh, contoured face for a younger, relaxed, well-rested appearance.

While numerous “quicker, no downtime treatments” are being advertised, the use of time-proven surgical techniques give long-lasting, consistent, desired results. Men are interested in value and quality, “you get what you pay for.”

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