Fast Track Facelift by Boris M. Ackerman, M.D.


Orange County Register, Face Lift article, March 2009

Dr. Boris M. Ackerman is a respected Ivy League-trained plastic surgeon, whose signature Fast Track Facelift can make the outside appearance of the face match the inner feelings of youth and vitality. He is well known for his multiple appearances on The Discovery Channel Plastic Surgery Show, many other media outlets as well as his high profile clientele. He is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

BENEFITS: Can make a person look many years younger; can slow the rate of aging in the face long after surgery.

Q: Do all facelifts necessarily require three to four weeks to recover?

A: They used too, and depending on the surgeon’s skill some still do. But with the Fast Track Facelift typical recovery takes about a week. I’ve been doing facelifts for 20 years, but now with my approach I can do deep work on the lower face, including cheeks, jowls, jaw line and neck and still have patience be able to go out in public or back to work in about a week. Although it could take a few more weeks before the patient is ready to attend a major social event with the camera bulbs flashing.

Q: What do you mean by “deep” work?

A: That is the performance of deep structural corrections, such as the repositioning of the fat and muscle. As the face ages, its composition in the muscle and fat is very much involved. When I talk about a deep facelift, I’m talking about not just tightening the skin, but recreating the anatomy under the skin. It takes more expertise and technical skill on the part of the doctor to do this.

Q: What are the signs of a good facelift?

A: A world-class, sophisticated facelift will bring significant rejuvenation to the face so the observer would not suspect the person had a facelift. Instead, asked to guess the person’s age, the observer would judge the person to be much younger than he or she really is. This is opposed to surgery that results in an old face with tight skin that looks so unnatural it’s easy to tell the person has had a facelift.

Q: How long do the results of a deep facelift last?

A: For life. That’s not to say the younger looks are frozen in time, but it means the face will age more gradually. Say you had identical twin sisters, and one had a deep facelift. Immediately after recovery, the one with the facelift will look much younger. Ten years later, she’ll look like she’s only aged five or six years, whereas the other sister will look like she’s aged ten years.

Q: How much is artistry involved in facelift surgery?

A: It’s a combination of experience, innate talent and skill. I see myself as a sculptor who works in a unique medium with a dimension beyond clay or marble. There’s a fourth dimension of living tissue, and part of my artistry is understanding how it will behave. I suppose the fifth dimension is seeing how the newly created youthful face rebalances with how the patient feels inside. This new harmony creates certain sense of happiness and vitality that is real and palpable.

Q: What do you recommend people look for in a facelift surgeon?

A: Board certification is important, but the most important thing is the surgeon’s body of work. A talented and reputable surgeon will have hundreds, even thousands, of happy and satisfied patients. That creates a lasting and deserved reputation. Some surgeons have good reputation based on other things – they are authors of books or articles, or good at marketing and promotions. But do not hesitate to ask to see and speak to a surgeon’s patients; the more the better.

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