Face lift for older patients


Face lift for older patients

A recent study from the Cleveland clinic showed that facelifts in older patients are safe and effective. The study compared two groups of patients, those under 65 and patients were than 65. As a matter of fact the older group had an average age of 70. Both groups had the same type and extent of surgery as well as additional procedures. Not surprisingly the operating time in the older group was a little bit longer. The complication rate was the same for both groups. The conclusion of this study was that age alone is not a significant factor for face lift surgery.

A current popular saying, age is just a number seems to be true. Older people nowadays tend to be healthier and more active, at least the ones interested in plastic surgery. This may not be true for the next generation if current rates of obesity and the subsequent diseases that go along with it continue. However just being 70 years old as long as your heart and lungs are in good shape is not a problem. All of the older people that have had surgery in my practice have done well. As long as people don't have any significant chronic disease such as heart disease or lung disease it is not a problem. Even well-controlled hypertension is manageable.

65 years old now is not the same as 65 years old 20 years ago. People this age hike up mountains, run, bike, and swim. They tend to be quite active. An active person tends to be physiologically much younger than his or her chronologic age. Plastic surgery can make their face match their body and their attitude. Most of what we consider facial aging is actually sun damage. An active lifestyle which makes your body younger can actually make your face older if you don't take adequate precautions with respect to sunlight. This means sunscreen and hats and religiously avoiding sunburns.

Being older has never been better. Facial plastic surgery helps the face and the body match. This study shows that older healthier people have no difficulty undergoing facial plastic surgery.
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