Can Exercise Give Your Saggy Breasts a Lift?


Sagging, or ptosis, is one of the most common breast issues, particularly among women experiencing signs of aging and women with moderate to generous breast volume. There are ways to help prevent sagging, such as wearing supportive bras, but what about the potential of exercise to give sagging breasts a needed boost?
Pectoral Exercise and Breast Appearance Exercises that focus on strengthening the pectoral muscles, such as dumbbell bench presses, push-ups, and chest presses, can help to improve the appearance of your breasts. This is because strengthening of the pectorals can cause your natural breast tissue to be pushed out from your chest wall slightly more. Additionally, toned pectorals and shoulders can make the décolletage appear more attractive, accentuating the chest area.
However, it’s important to understand that chest exercises can only result in mild changes in breast appearance. For women interested in a subtle improvement, chest exercises combined with supportive bras may be enough. For women in need of a more significant breast adjustment, though, a breast lift may be a more realistic solution.
Breast Lift Benefits The benefits of a breast lift extend far beyond improving sagging. In addition to lifting the breasts to a more youthful position, your plastic surgeon can also reshape your breast tissue, forming a natural, rounded shape before tightening the breast skin and removing any excess. If you are concerned about nipple placement or areola size, these issues can also be addressed during a breast lift. The result is often a higher bust line, improved breast texture, increased firmness and a more youthful looking figure.
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