Dr. Ryan Mitchell and Benefits of Tummy Tucks


Tummy tucks can help Grand Rapids women and men resolve medical, as well as aesthetic, problems

While many articles and studies tout the aesthetic benefits of a tummy tuck, they almost universally fail to recognize the procedure’s potential to improve or outright correct particular medical conditions ranging from stress urinary incontinence to a ventral hernia. But according to “The Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck,” published April 16 on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website, an increasing number of studies indicate that a tummy tuck can provide significant relief from such conditions.
While a tummy tuck is often considered one of the procedures that new mothers undergo as part of the “Mommy Makeover,” few of these discussions acknowledge the non-aesthetic toll that childbirth can take on a woman’s body. According to the Mayo Clinic, vaginal childbirth is a leading cause of stress incontinence—defined on the Mayo Clinic’s website as “the unintentional loss of urine” typically in conjunction with physical movement or activity including coughing or sneezing, and running or heavy lifting. Additional factors do exist, including prostate surgery, obesity, illnesses that cause chronic coughing or sneezing, and hormonal deficiencies, among a number of other potential causes, most of which women and men in Grand Rapids have little to no control over.

While urinary incontinence is far from life-threatening, it can take a significant emotional toll on an afflicted person, especially when combined with the many other physical and life changes that accompany childbirth. As the Mayo Clinic states, “If you have stress incontinence, you may feel embarrassed, isolate yourself, or limit your work and social life, especially exercise and leisure activities.” Fortunately, most cases of stress urinary incontinence can be treated without surgery, but according to “The Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck,” “for patients who require more care, several studies have indicated a tummy tuck can aid in recovery especially in patients who have not had a caesarian section.”

Smart Beauty Guide supported this recommendation with an article published November 11 titled “An Added, Unexpected and Welcome Medical Benefit of a Tummy Tuck.” Dr. James D. McMahan wrote the article after performing studies to determine whether a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, would have a demonstrably positive impact on patients suffering from stress urinary incontinence. And while he admitted that he’d like to see additional studies to help determine which patients can best benefit, he did say, “We found that a tummy tuck significantly alleviated the symptoms of stress urinary incontinence in 60% of our patients, especially in patients who hadn’t undergone previous caesarean section.”

What this means for Grand Rapids women looking for a more complete, comprehensive return to their pre-baby bodies is that they may now be able to address multiple points of concern with a single procedure. Because this is a relatively new development, it’s important that any patients interested in a tummy tuck procedure for any reason, including addressing medical concerns, begin by scheduling a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon surgeon like Dr. Ryan Mitchell of the Bengtson Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery in Grand Rapids.

In addition to favorable outcomes addressing stress urinary incontinence, “The Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck” indicate that the procedure can improve posture by tightening the muscles supporting the spine. This can have the effect of relieving certain kinds of back pain. Additionally, some doctors recommend that patients receiving surgery for a ventral hernia may benefit from a tummy tuck to strengthen the abdominal wall and help prevent future problems.

Whatever the reasons behind your interest in a tummy tuck, whether medical or aesthetic or both, it’s imperative that you seek a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to perform your procedure. 
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