Dr. Capizzi's Blog: Antioxidants, Anti-Aging and Free-Radical Warriors


This popular blog was first published on stillwaterplasticsurgery.com in August 2013. Antioxidants are nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and enzymes (proteins inside the body) that can help prevent and even repair damage to your body tissue – including skin. How? They s-l-o-w free radicals, which can trigger the oxidation that leads to cell dysfunction. Have you seen a peeled apple turn brown? That’s oxidation in action. Antioxidants are self-sacrificing. As antioxidants block the effects of free radicals, they end up being oxidized themselves. This is why it's important to constantly replenish your supply of antioxidants. This is a critical healthy living AND anti-aging strategy.

At Stillwater Plastic Surgery we are decidedly PRO antioxidants. Absolutely critical to skin care, antioxidants can slow the effects of aging. They protect the skin from the inside out. There’s more good news: antioxidants are resplendent in nature and they are a critical active-ingredient in many of medical-grade skin care products and treatments recommended by Dr. Capizzi and Stillwater Plastic Surgery.

For this week’s blog, let’s take a look at the Stillwater team’s favorite antioxidants. They’re available at Stillwater AND at the local farmers market! The health of our skin is a result of what we put on it topically and what we ingest.

An Apple a Day
Have you noticed? Fall apples are beginning to appear at Harris Teeter and the farmer’s market. In addition to meeting 15% of your daily fiber needs, apples are crammed with antioxidants. As a general rule of thumb, fruits in the red-purple palette tend to be antioxidant crusaders.

Obagi Gets A+ in Vitamin C
The topical form of vitamin C is called ascorbic acid and many professionals, including the Stillwater team, regard it as the most important skin antioxidant. Vitamin C works by speeding up the skin’s natural repair system. Obagi professional serums deploy a Vitamin C formula in its most stable form. It absorbs deep into the skin.

Blueberries Are a Super Food
These little jewels of nutrition are rich in antioxidants, specifically vitamins A and C, plus flavonoids. An added benefit for those struggling with rosacea and acne: blueberries are vascular constrictors, which can help reduce redness and neutralize acne-prone skin. Pop a handful. Do it now!

Ormedics Balancing Act
Stillwater aestheticians are great fans of Image Skincare’s Ormedics line. Here’s just one great example. Image’s Antioxidant Serum is infused with organic Japanese green tea, aloe vera and a copper-complex peptide. It absorbs into the skin beautifully and, best yet, it continuously balances your skin from within and helps retain moisture. This Ormedic serum leaves your skin intensely hydrated with a healthy glow.

What’s Up, Doc?
Carrots are the stuff of healthy living. And, the benefits can show on your face. A host of powerful antioxidants are present in every serving, including pro-vitamin A carotenes. Hint: the oranger the carrot, the greater the potency. Raw or cooked … in a salad or as a stand-alone side dish, it’s smart to make carrots a regular part of your diet. Take it from Bugs – and your Stillwater team.

How to Empower Antioxidants
Stillwater offers the most powerful, medical-grade skincare products available today. Products rich in antioxidants are an important part of that equation. We also offer treatments and services that prepare the skin to receive and absorb the benefits of these great products. Premier Microdermabrasion is a patient favorite. Microdermabrasion is a highly effective form of exfoliation. Our service pairs this with a custom facial with an infusion of antioxidants.
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