​Dorsal Hump Shaving


Nose is regarded as an only breathing organ, however; it also makes the whole face beautiful, as one of the most important ingredients on human face.

Rhino Plasty or Nose Surgery was performed in India since 1,000 years ago when an ancient surgeon performed a nose implant for his king to correct his cleft nose. Gold was used as an implanted material at that time.  Rhino Plasty was subsequently introduced by a New Zealand physician for a beauty purpose during the first War Wall in order to heal injured soldiers. This is how a plastic surgery begins.

Why Dorsal Hump Shaving is needed?

Dorsal hump shaving is a procedure to reduce a nasal hump on the nasal spine.  Although a hump is a minor problem, it could diminish one’s beauty. When you look at a patient with a Dorsal Hump from his front view, you will see that his nose is not high. While looking from the side, his nose is basically normal but it is not beautiful. Thus, dorsal hump shaving is required for this particular patient.

Nowadays, a nose implant aims at heightening nose bone. Dorsal hump shaving technique is recommended prior to the implant as it straightens the nasal bone properly to become aligned with the silicone implanted. It would also be easier for the surgeon to perform an implant, as the nasal bone shape of the patient would become more obvious and the surgeon would be able to determine the right shape of the implanted silicone easily.

Hump is a rounded protuberance, similar to the one on the back of the camel. It can be found around spine or nasal spine area. A dorsal hump can be both genetic and acquisition and it can happen with everyone. A dorsal-humped nose is a characteristic of the nose that the upper third section rises up and allows the middle third section to rise up subsequently. A person with humped-nose will have a protuberance at the nasal bone area and the nose is not a straight line.

Prior to performing a Rhino Plasty surgery, the surgeon would analyze the patient’s nose and consider the proper size of implanted silicone after a Hump removal. The surgeon would also determine a proper nose shape for each patient. However, this must be aligned with patient’s satisfaction and must be safe.

Prior to the surgery, the patient should refrain from all kinds of aspirin and Vitamin. Smoking is also not allowed for 2 weeks in advance. All allergies and surgical history should be informed.

During the surgery, the surgeon would apply a local anesthesia and would use a surgical knife to mark an operation line in the sinus area. The chisel would be pointed on the hump area, and would be hammering until the hump disappears. Then the surgeon would shave the bone again to ensure that the nasal spinal is straight.

If the patient has an abnormally big hump, which is a cause of big nose base, the surgeon would cut an internal nasal skin and sew the wound. This would allow the nose to become smaller as well as heightening the nose tip.

Once the operation is finished, the surgeon would sew the wound and bind it up with bandages or a soft-splint in order to maintain the desired nose shape. The surgery takes about 45 minutes. Normally, a hump shaving is always performed together with a nose implant. After the surgeon finishes the shaving procedure, he would subsequently perform an implant and close the wound thereafter.

A post-operation procedure for a dorsal hump-shaving patient is same as those who perform a regular nose implant. After the surgery, the patient should apply a cold pack around the wound area for 24 hours. A patient should refrain from smoking and alcohol for 2 weeks. The wound should not be in contact with water. The patient supposes to take medicines according to the surgeon’s suggestion and sleep with his head slightly up. If the wound is swelling, a hot pack should be applied at that specific area. The side effect from the operation could be swelling, bleeding or an infection. However, the side effect could be reduced if the surgery is conducted by a qualified surgeon. If the surgery is performed by a non-qualified doctor, the result would be unsatisfactory. If the hump is shaved too much, the nasal bone would be subsided or sunk.

Dorsal hump shaving is a procedure that corrects the shape of the nose and makes it become more beautiful. The treatment also helps softening patient’s facial ingredients as a whole. Since a nose is located at the middle of the face, it is able to enhance the beauty of the patient. All in all, the surgeon would consider overall ingredients of the patient to consider a necessary operation in order to acquire a proper shape of the nose.

An implant can be performed over the hump?

As mentioned earlier, Dorsal hump is characteristic of a unstraighting nasal bone. Normally a patient with a nasal bone distorted prefers to get it fixed by increasing the nose height. A patient that has a small tip area and does not yet performed shaving prior to the implant would still experience a distorted nose with a obvious hump.  Although the new nose is high already, but it is still unfavorable as it is not straight still. At the end, the patient would need to revise the Rhino Plasty again to get the hump shaved and subsequently get the nose implanted.  However, if the patient has a thick tissue covering the nose tip area, a shaving is sometimes unnecessarily. Supposing that the shaving is performed, the shape of the nose tip would become a fashionable tear drop.

Besides a hump shaving, there are a number of treatments to fix a dorsal hump problem, caused by a distorted nose structure:

Filler is a skin enhancement treatment. Filler would exist in the injected area for 6 months. The patient would need to get filler injected again and again. However, if the result is unsatisfactory, the patient can get it revised easily.

Dermal Fat Graft is a process of injecting fat, taken from patient’s tissue, into required area of treatment. It is a safe and natural procedure, but it does not last long. The fat injected into the body will last for 5-6 years.

How to get a beautiful nose?

A patient should conduct a research about Rhino Plasty and roughly analyze his own nose.

It is quite impossible for a patient with a small nose tip area to acquire a really high nose by a nose implant, as the implanted material could probably be moved out of the nose.

To acquire the best result, a surgeon should consider a patitent’s proper shape nose along with correcting a nasal problem. Each shape of the nose has a different way of reparation as follow:

Short nose:

A long silicone cannot be used for a patient with a short nose, as it may be moved out of the nose. The proper treatment for the short nose is using a cartilage of the ear as an implanted material. It can help lengthening the nose at a certain level.

Long nose:

A patient who has a long nose with a little nose tip area is a right candidate for a perfectly beautiful nose after getting a Rhino Plasty. A nose implant for a patient with a long nose and a big nose tip would not be as favorable as those with a little nose tip. For a long- nose person, a surgeon would subside a cartilage at the tip of the nose and move the cartilage at the internal alar of the nose backwards a little in order to turn the nose to the front.

Rose Apple-shaped nose or wide nose base:

There are two possible procedures to correct wide nose base problem. The first procedure is suitable for a patient with huge alar turning downward. The surgeon would cut the nose tissue out and move the nose base a little in order to acquire a smaller nose. The other one is a procedure that cut an alar in order to narrow nose base without cutting any tissue. This could also heighten the nose tip. A decision on which procedure should be used depends on the nose characteristic of the patient and the consideration of the surgeron.

Dorsal Hump Shaving is a solution to both humped nose and distorted nose. However, many people ignore or do pay much attention to this technique. A number of patients misunderstand that a nose implant can correct those problems and make the nose become more beautiful. As mentioned earlier, Dorsal Hump makes the implant more effective and reduces a risk of silicone leaking.

All in all, prior to the surgery, it is recommended that patients conduct a comprehensive research to well understand its pros and cons. Although an implant is a process of taking a silicone, which is an adulterated thing into the body, it would not be harmful at all if it is conducted in the right and safe way.

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