Don’t Hide Behind Your Bangs! Rebalance Your Face With Surgical Hairline Advancement


How HIGH is your forehead?  Have you been wearing bangs since you were in 2nd grade to cover it?

I hear many women complain that their hairlines are too high and that they dislike this condition because it hints at balding and hair thinning. It’s not surprising that women are displeased with this look, as experts say the traditional standard of beauty and facial harmony requires a woman’s face to be divided into equal thirds. If her face includes a forehead that is too broad, the symmetry is out of balance.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone! In fact, approximately 20% of all women have what can be described as a high hairline. Recently, more and more women have been inquiring about a solution that works. Finally, that solution has arrived!

Surgical Hairline Advancement (SHA) treats the overly high hairline. You may be a good candidate for a forehead reduction if you’ve always had a high hairline. SHA involves surgical removal of a portion of the forehead, rather than dealing with the hair. The forehead is pulled together and sutured, creating a forehead that’s smaller and more proportional. The procedure can also correct a too heavy position of the eyebrows. So really, it’s one procedure with two major benefits!

Additional benefits of SHA include:

  • Giving you a younger look
  • Making your face more proportional
  • Reducing the appearance of a low brow without a brow lift
  • Creating a more feminine look (especially important for transgender patients)
  • Reducing the size of their forehead without altering their existing hair line
  • Avoiding the invasiveness of hair grafting
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