Discover The Convenience of Permanent Make-Up


You may be surprised, but many more women than you suspect are actually enjoying the benefits of permanent makeup. There’s a good reason why; imagine the convenience and ease of waking up in the morning and being able to dress and run off to work without the time consuming process of applying makeup! With permanent makeup, this is possible. Whether it is eyebrows, eyeliner or lip shading, permanent makeup may be the solution for you.
You will love permanent makeup if you:
• are aware that as you age, your lips are becoming smaller and less plump
• are conscious of how much time you spend throughout the day applying and re-applying your makeup
• are timid when hugging someone because you’re afraid s/he will end up smeared with your makeup
• avoid social events, like swimming or going to the spa, because you’re afraid that someone might see you without makeup
• cry at weddings or funerals and smear your eyeliner or mascara
• ever have bad makeup days
• feel better when you’re wearing makeup
• find it becoming more challenging to apply your eyeliner
• get out of bed in the morning before your boyfriend or husband to quickly makeup
• have been late for an appointment because you spent too much time in front of the mirror trying to match your eyebrows
• have noticed that a properly placed arch in your eyebrows can take years off of your face
• have noticed the sun, rain, snow or wind has caused your eyeliner to run
• have seen a woman with her lipstick surrounding her mouth and told yourself that you would never let that happen to you
• kissed someone and noticed lipstick on his/her clothing
• spend more time in front of the mirror quickly applying makeup just to spend one minute running an errand
• wish that people would consider you to be one of those natural-born beauties
• wished you had a more youthful-looking face
• wondered why some women always looks so fresh
• would appreciate having beautifully applied makeup every day and night
If you’re curious about how permanent makeup could simplify your life and give you added confidence, please contact our office today to find out more details from Jennifer Aust, our resident permanent makeup artist.

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