Cosmetic Surgery Can Actually Improve A Couple’s Sex Life


Here in our office, we see a lot of aging women who come in saying they wish to have cosmetic procedures performed in order to help with their marriage.

Even after 20-30 years of marriage, they still have the desire to look sexy for their husbands, but years after child bearing and perhaps unsuccessful dieting, they end up being self-conscious undressing–especially in front of their husbands! These women don’t like how they look, which is negatively affecting their sex lives with their husbands.

In fact, research appearing in the January/February 2006 issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal reported that cosmetic surgery can indeed improve a couple’s sex life. Results showed that breast augmentation, breast lifts and body contouring procedures lead to the greatest sexual benefits.

Researcher Dr. Guy Stofman, chief of plastic surgery at Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh and a clinical assistant professor of plastic surgery at the University of Pittsburgh told WebMD:

“For the longest time, tons of data were published about how plastic surgery enhances body image and restores self-confidence. And it was kind of known that if someone feels better about themselves, they become more sexual. But we never had the data to show it until now.”

Dr. Stofman considers more sex an “added perk” to getting cosmetic surgery.

After 70 women completed the survey, some interesting results emerged:

  • More than 95% reported improved body image regardless of the type of cosmetic surgery undergone
  • Sexual satisfaction increased in different percentages depending upon the cosmetic procedure performed
    • 81% of the 26 breast surgery respondents experienced improvements in sexual satisfaction
    • 68% of the 25 body surgery patients experienced improvements in sexual satisfaction
    • 32% of the 19 facial surgery patients experienced improvements in sexual satisfaction

Improvements were also reported by partners:

  • 73% of breast surgery patients said that their partner’s sex life had improved as a result of their surgery
  • 56% of body surgery patients said that their partner’s sex life had improved as a result of their surgery

Associate professor of surgery at Northwestern University and the Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago Dr. Laurie A. Casas, observed:

“With people who undergo body-contouring surgery, they walk in covered up by clothing and six months later, they walk in proud.”

As a spokeswoman for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Casas adds:

“I would never say, ‘Have your breasts enlarged so you can have a better sex life.’ But if someone said, ‘Doctor, I feel so bad about my tummy after having three kids, I am embarrassed to have sex with my husband’ — then a body-contouring procedure may make them feel so much better. And it can give them the confidence to feel good about themselves in an intimate setting,” she says.

So, if you’re feeling self-conscious in front of your husband and believe body contouring may improve your life, please contact us.

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