Cosmetic Procedures: Lifting Off the Veil of Secrecy


In the past, there was a certain amount of secrecy that shrouded cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments we were performed frequently but were considered carefully guarded details of a person’s medical record.

Finally, American society is beginning to open up about cosmetic procedures. Those who were previously furrowing their brows at the mention of BOTOX® are now scheduling procedures precisely to achieve those wrinkle-free brows they were formerly scorning!

Why were people so hush-hush about cosmetic procedures in the past?

1. Cosmetic procedures were frequently viewed as a way to cheat ageing or gain an unfair advantage on beauty.

2. Others believed that cosmetic treatments were only for the rich and famous. These days, the majority of cosmetic procedures are undergone by ordinary people.

3. Before the popularity of cosmetic procedures exploded, there was the fear of botched procedures. With legitimate plastic surgeons governed by regulatory agencies, today the procedures are performed according to industry best practices.

Thankfully, there’s a much more open dialog these days about cosmetic procedures. With all of the health and beauty clinics now offering cosmetic services, patients can be comforted by the fact that “everyone is doing it”. Cosmetic procedures are now viewed as an acceptable step in the aging process, offered in many places and available to everyone.

And cosmetic procedures are not only for women. Men are now opting for everything from wrinkle solutions, to facelifts, to chin implants, to a variety of other surgical enhancements. As men come to accept cosmetic treatments, women are concurrently feeling more secure about their procedures.

The new openness about cosmetic procedures is a welcome relief to those who previously felt they had to go into hiding after surgery or deny getting implants. Nowadays, we can join our friends for BOTOX® treatments and like what we see in the mirror guilt-free.

Article by
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon