It is controversial that Breast Augmentation has a risk of cancer??


To increase breast size by natural method may be a popular option for many girls as it is less painful and more economical. However, the result of this approach might not be clearly different.  Hence, nowadays a huge number of girls choose to perform a various types of breast surgeries because the result would be more obvious and more satisfactory. Those include surgeries with round shape and anatomic shape (tear drop). There are also many kinds of silicone gel used as a supplementary material for breast such as Smooth typed silicone gel, Textured typed silicone gel etc.  Here a new question comes “Breast Augmentation has a potential risk of cancer?

As regards to the above question, a Senior Breast Surgeon at one of the leading hospital in Thailand revealed that there were a very few cases of Breast cancer, resulting from a breast augmentation with a standardized silicone. However, a breast cancer-check could be little more difficult for people with an experience of breast surgery. The check-up would need to be done with a doctor.  Our suggestion was that for a safety concerned, breast check should be performed prior to breast surgery.

Nowadays, breast check-up and related technologies have been largely developed to acquire the most accurate result, such as Ultra sound, 3-Dimension Mammogram and MRI approaches. These technologies can help saving girls from serious cancer problem.  It is recommended that a girl should have breast check-up once a year. If the breast cancer is found at the early stage, it is likely to be completely cured. And, if the early stage of cancer is founded after a breast surgery, it is curable by operation.

For a girl who desires to get a breast surgery, it is important to choose a hospital with a high quality and a professional surgeon. 

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