Contemplating Nose Surgery?


When it comes to nose surgery, there are two types of surgeries: septoplasty and rhinoplasty.  Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery to change the shape of the patient’s nose.  Septoplasty is a reconstructive procedure designed to improve breathing and nasal function.  It is possible for a patient to get both surgeries done of the patient is unhappy with the aesthetics of their nose and suffer from breathing complications.

Overall, nose surgery is a high-satisfactory surgery, when choosing a qualified surgeon who understands your needs and expectations; it is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures According to, rhinoplasty received a 75% satisfaction rate – that is a great number for surgery. 
Rhinoplasty surgery generally lasts one to two hours and is usually an outpatient procedure.  Although it’s high satisfaction rate, nose surgery shouldn’t even be considered until the body and facial features have fully developed. 

Rhinoplasty should generally be delayed until high school or 15 years old.
Recovery periods vary depending upon the concern and expectation.  All rhinoplasty patients should have realistic expectations for their surgery.  Before the surgery, it is best to bring in pictures for your plastic surgeon and have an open mind.  In order for surgeries to be successful for both, the patient and surgeon, a common idea of the outcome must be established. 

In the age of toxins and dermal fillers, a decent “nose job” can be achieved through dermal fillers such as Juvederm or Artefill, permanent facial filler. This method corrects mild to moderate nasal imperfections, without having to undergo surgery. It can’t decrease the size of a nose but, it manipulates bumps and ridges which then straightens a profile or correct irregularities.  The new nose blends with the rest of the facial features better which makes the nose imperfections less noticeable.

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