How to Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon


Why it is Important to Research Your Doctor and See Before and After Photos

Photos are constant representations of a plastic surgeon's work. On every single website and sur-
gical review page, there should be a set of digital examples that showcases their surgical and cos-
metic results. Make sure you know what you’re looking for and then do your research. A plastic

surgery website should be separated by sections so you can sift through photos based on the sur-
gical procedure you’re interested in; for example, if you’re looking for facelift and neck lift sam-
ples there should be a set of those readily available. If you’re not sure what you need just yet, go

online and type in your question to see what comes up. There will likely be a few surgeons in

your area that can help you, and from there, you can browse their informational web pages, pho-
to examples and learn more about their patient care system.

If you see photos you like and have done your reading, reach out to those few physicians and ask

them for additional information. If you're interested in their work, then think about scheduling a

one-on-one consultation with them; it’s one thing to look good online, but it’s another to feel

good about the person. Also, it’s important to note the speed at which you receive a reply; if this

physician and their staff do not reply to an online request or take weeks to return a call, then they

are not for you.

Scheduling Multiple Appointments for Consultations is a Good Thing

The next step is to meet your top five surgeons. You're sure to find everything from A to Z based

on the physician’s name, surgical procedure list and certification inquiry. Scheduling multiple

consultations for surgical work is common for these surgeons. Most plastic surgeons understand

that patients need to shop around for someone that has their unique needs in mind as well as the

same mindset for surgical procedures that they do; we also know that personality is a big part of

your decision. So don’t worry about making 15 appointments throughout the week, we get it.

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