Why is getting a cavity filled not enough?


How did you get the cavity in the first place?  
Until you understand how a cavity forms you may keep getting cavities under your old fillings.   When you get a cavity filled you still have your own tooth structure under the filling.  Your teeth are the hardest substance in your body and it can become the softest substance.  How does this happen?  There are bacteria in your mouth and they love sugar.  Whenever you consume something that has sugar in it then these bacteria eat-up the sugar too and produce a by-product that is very acidic.  This acidity is what breaksdown tooth structure.   For each time you consume some thing that has sugar, these bacteria produce this acid for about twenty minutes.  So, if you are constantly popping something in your mouth or sipping something all day long then your mouth never has time to regain it's balance.  Your saliva is protective and has properties that help to neutralize this acid. However, it needs time to do this.  So, its better to snack in one sitting then it is to snack frequently all day long.  Also, it's best to sip only on plain water all day long.  Sipping drinks with sugar in it add to the production of acid throughout the day.  Sipping drinks that are sparkling are not good either.  Even though they may not have sugar, the carbonation makes it very acidic and erosive on teeth.  These types of drinks should be consumed with a straw so it has less contact with your teeth. Drink water after to help protect the teeth from the acidity. Using a mouthwash that has Flouride will also help to strengthen your teeth and resist decay along with brushing morning and night. Having good home care and watching your diet will help to keep those cavities away.   
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New York Dentist