Brighten & Tighten Your Skin for Summer with Laser Genesis


Summer’s coming, and we all like to put our best face forward for summertime adventures. Start a Laser Genesis series in spring, and you’ll have skin that’s ready for summer. You can brighten, tighten, and  improve the appearance of wrinkles and skin tone through collagen stimulation.

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive laser facial treatment that will help tighten large pores, effectively treat fine lines, and diffuse redness in the skin by thickening the skin. The laser penetrates the collagen layer and stimulates contraction to tighten and tone. Laser Genesis also closes down tiny veins that cause persistent redness of the skin. This laser restores skin’s healthy appearance and glow. It also improves the appearance of rosacea and scars. You might be a little flushed after this non-invasive treatment, but this typically resolves in less than 2 hours and you will experience no downtime! 

As always, with any laser treatment it is important to maintain your results by wearing your sunscreen daily. Amp up the benefits even further by enhancing your results with medical grade skin care products. Laser Genesis is typically most effective in a series of 4 to 6 treatments, but expect to see consistent results after each treatment. 

Article by
Chesterton Facial Plastic Surgeon