Can Breast Reduction Improve Your Posture?


Women with overly large breasts often experience physical discomfort as a result of their body proportions. A breast reduction can improve neck and shoulder pain, poor posture and other chronic discomfort associated with having large breasts.

Why Large Breasts Can Contribute to Poor Posture

Women with large breasts may not directly connect their breast size to ongoing posture problems, but frequently, poor posture can come as a direct or indirect result of large breasts. This is because large breasts carry a significant amount of weight, which encourages women to slouch forward. Slouching becomes habitual and automatic, and prevents the spine from extending into its proper position. Over long periods of time, this can cause chronic shoulder or neck pains.

How a Breast Reduction Can Help

A breast reduction can help alleviate poor posture problems by removing weight from the breasts to create a smaller, lighter and more proportionate breast size. Most women find that following their breast reduction, they experience a relief from long-lasting discomfort and significant improvements in posture as a result of the reduced breast weight. Breast reduction surgery can also improve breast shape and texture in addition to alleviating skin problems caused by breast chafing or too-tight bras.

The Benefits of Good Posture

In addition to the benefits of reduced neck and shoulder discomfort following breast reduction, holding the spine in a more upright position can help men and women alike appear more attractive and youthful. Good posture has even been shown to improve self-confidence and self-image, making breast reduction an excellent option for women struggling with large breast size.
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