Get Your Breast Implant Size Right: 8 Important Tips


How To Pick Your Breast Implant Size

Once you have decided to have breast augmentation, your next important decision is what size breast implant you want to use. We find that women who follow these tips have a much higher satisfaction rate with their surgery than those who let their surgeon choose their implant size for them without any input.

What you should know first:
Implant sizes are based on the amount of fluid or gel in the implant itself. They’re available as small as 125cc (great for correcting asymmetry) and can go way up from there. Most patients generally choose implants somewhere in the 300cc to 400cc range, but that may not be what's right for you. You’ll need to consider your body frame, height, weight, shoulder width, hip width and current breast volume when you’re choosing an implant. As you increase in size you will need to use a larger implant to maintain proportion (with the exception of starting breast volume of course.) So if you are 5’ tall and petite, you will typically need a much smaller implant than if you are 5’9” with broad shoulders and wide hips.

In order to help you communicate the look you are trying to achieve, you'll have the opportunity to try out our collection of silicone implant sizers when you come for your office consultation. This is always the best part of the visit because you really get to visualize what the end result will look like. And don't worry. You'll get excellent guidance from Dr. Reath and the "Sizer Sisters" in our office.

Here are 8 important tips to getting your breast implant size right

Wardrobe: Bring in different types of outfits to try on with your sizers. You want to make sure that you are comfortable in your casual dress as well as your cocktail dress.

Personality: Think about your personality (like are you outgoing or shy?) and how you want to be perceived by the public. Then, make sure that you convey this to your surgeon. Breasts that are larger than what would be proportionate may suit your style. On the other hand, you may lean towards looking great in a cocktail dress without attracting unwanted attention at work.

Fitness: Factor in your exercise routine. If you are a runner or serious athlete, you will want to choose implants that won’t interfere with your fitness routine.

You’re In Charge: Although your surgeon should be your guide, they shouldn’t dictate what size you should be. It’s a collaboration. However, there may be a situation when your surgeon doesn’t recommend going with the size you want. If that’s the case, you may want to have further discussions to make sure you understand the reasoning behind this. It’s important for you to be comfortable that your prospective plastic surgeon has spent the proper time with you and is not dismissing your input. If you’re feeling left out of the decision-making process, find another doctor (Board-certified of course!).

You Be You: Don’t pick your implant size based on how it looks on a friend. Even though you and your friend may seem similar in terms of body size, there are other factors that must be considered. It’s natural to think “My girlfriend has 350’s so I should get the same size because they look perfect on her.” But the important words are “…on her.” If you are open to different implant options, it’s more likely that you’ll find the one that is just right for you.

Bring A Friend: You may find that you would enjoy bringing a friend or spouse with you when you try on sizers. Our staff is great at guiding you in this process but sometimes it’s fun to have someone else there who knows you well. Also, there is a large quantity of information discussed during your consultation so it’s nice to have an extra set of ears. (Speaking of ears, it’s best not to bring the kids.)

Know When Enough is Enough: Remember that you are picking the size of your breasts not just for this year but for many years to come. If you choose an implant that is too big, you may have issues with back pain and sagging later on. Ask any of our breast reduction patients and they will tell you that much bigger isn’t always better!

Ask For Another Sizer Session: Finally, if you’re going back and forth between two choices, don’t be afraid to ask to come back and play with the sizers again just to make sure you have it right.

If you found this information helpful, you'll want to read the free 33-page eBook "A Girlfriend's Guide to Breast Augmentation" written by our office staff.

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