Breast Augmentation through the Axilla with Gel Implants


There is a new development in the Breast Augmentation field, and specifically related to the use of the new Cohesive Gel Implants. There is a new device and technique that for the first time, allows Cohesive Gel Implant placement through small incisions, and even through the axilla, with ease.

The idea is a very simple one, and consists of a special funnel developed by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kevin Keller. It is lined with a super slippery substance that allows the surgeon to place the implant through a small opening. With very little effort, the implant is pushed through the funnel, into the pocket that has been developed for it. There is less stress to the implant (and to the surgeon) using this technique. There is also no need to touch the implant which can contaminate it with powder or lint from sponges. There is also no contact with skin bacteria.

Until recently, I was the only surgeon offered Saline filled implants for placement through the armpit. This has all changed with the advent of the  Keller Funnel. Although the silicone gel implants are more expensive, the benefits justify the extra cost. The silicon cohesive gel implant does not have the tendency to ripple as does the saline implant. The implant can be underfilled and has a more natural feel. Most people interested in breast augmentation arer choosing the gel implants. I am changing my preference to the use of Cohesive Gel Implants placed via the Axilla in his Cleveland Plastic Surgery Practice.

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