Breast Augmentation: Pick the Right Before and After Pics


What to look for in Before and After Breast Augmentation Photos:

Have you ever looked in a magazine and found a hair style you like only to be told by your hairdresser that it won”t work for your because your hair is too fine, curly, straight etc.? That can happen with what you see in plastic surgery before and after pictures as well.

The important thing to do is to find BEFORE photos which resemble your own appearance. Be honest with yourself about what you are trying to change and be realistic if your pre-operation breast shape is not ideal.

How To Look At Before And After Breast Augmentation Photos
Here’s where to begin: Start with before photos that look like your body type and breast shape and then, and only then, find pictures of results you like.

Be sure that you are looking at pictures of women who are about your same height, weight, chest width and breast size.

Before and after pictures can tell you a lot about the surgeon”s taste, so be sure it matches your own idea of beauty. It’s clear from looking at his photo collection that Dr. Reath’s ideal is a more natural looking breast size and shape, but that may not be what you want.

Technically Speaking
From a technical standpoint, the photos should be uniform in appearance and formatting (and the before and after pictures should be of the same patient! Look for telltale signs like moles and freckles if you are in doubt.)

Understandably, the breast augmentation photos you see online are the results that the doctor and the patient are particularly proud of so it shouldn”t be the only reason to pick your surgeon (although it can be reassuring to see a lot of pictures with good results rather than just one or two.) Think of the photos as more of a guideline to communicate the look you want and understand that you can”t exactly reproduce the results you see in pictures.

It is good to have a collection of several pictures to look at so you know the surgeon performs breast augmentations often and well. It’s even better if they are nice enough to include the patient’s height, weight and choice of implants.

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