Breast augmentation five things you need to know part two over or under the muscle


There are two places where a breast implant can be positioned. These are over or under the pectoral muscle
Sub glandular or over the muscle is the first technique that was used. The positive points for this approach include
relative ease of operation and faster sampling and healing. This was the original approach when breast augmentation
was started and was used for many years. There are still a number of surgeons who use this approach but it is not
the preferred approach for most people. Negative aspects include a higher incidence of capsular contracture, more
rippling and wrinkling visible as well as a rounder more artificial shape.
The sub glandular approach is best for women that have considerable breast or fatty tissue. This makes it not very useful
for the average patient coming in for breast augmentation.
The sub muscular approach goes through the same incisions but goes down one level deeper underneath the pectoral muscle.
This approach was developed in the 1980s and is the most common approach used in breast surgery today. Advantages include
a more natural look, less wrinkling, less rippling and less capsular contracture. Disadvantages include more difficult
technical operating, more discomfort and a longer time to settle after surgery. In addition in some patients with squeezing of the pectoral muscles,
the implants can ride up for a moment.
Breast augmentation under the muscle is ideal for the then patient who doesn't have a great deal of fatty or breast tissue.
There are several types of placement under the muscle. This includes complete sub muscular placement which doesn't allow for a very large
implant and tends to have the implant right up. There is partial sub muscular placement which releases the muscle and allows
the lower half of the breast implants to be above the muscle and fall down a little bit for a more natural look. There is also a muscle releasing technique which leaves
a cuff of serratus muscle laterally for support and volume. This is the approach that I use and has given me the best results
Sub glandular or sub muscular placement is an important decision which should be reached with the help of your surgeon.
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