Breast augmentation five things you need to know part three incisions


Breast augmentation five things you need to know part three incisions
there are four different incisions that can be used for placing breast implants.
The first incision is the inframamary or underneath the breast incision. This is the first incision that was used.
It is the easiest incision to work with. When it goes well it is a very fine line in the fold. However if there is
bad scarring or the breast shifts downward the scar can be a major problem. Scars that are enlarged or spread and are not exactly in the fold
are very difficult to correct. If it is not exactly in the fold when the person raises her arms and a bikini top slides up this unsightly scar
can be visible
the next incision to be used was the periareolar. This is the incision at the bottom of the areola at the junction of the dark and light
skin. This incision heals very well and almost always gives a fine line scar. It is more technically demanding because it is usually smaller
This incision gives excellent access to all parts of the space under the breast.
The third incision is the axillary. This is done in the upper part of the armpit at the edge of the pectoral muscle. This is a
very hidden incision which usually heals well. However it usually involves a blind dissection to release the muscle. Quite often
the muscle is not released adequately. This causes a tendency for the implants to ride up more with this incision then others.
It is also much harder to place larger implants through this incision.
The fourth incision is the umbilical or bellybutton. This is a relatively recent development and involves an incision just above
the bellybutton. A tube is placed from their underneath the skin to underneath the breast. Only saline implants can be placed
with this approach. There are very few surgeons across the country who utilize this approach.
Most surgeons are familiar with several different approaches and you should discuss their favorite incision as well as pros and cons.
In my opinion based on many augmentations with different incisions the periareolar incision is the most versatile, gives the best exposure
and provides the best scar for the vast majority of patients.
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Sacramento Plastic Surgeon