Breast Augmentation: Before or After Kids?


Women considering  often question whether it is more advantageous to have the procedure done before or after pregnancy. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, since there are pros and cons for both approaches. Dr. Ciaravino and the  have a few factors to think about when you are selecting the timing for your breast augmentation procedure.


Many women decide they want to change the size and shape of their breasts long before they are ready to start their families. However, some are hesitant to do so because of the stories they have heard about the difficulties with breastfeeding or the changes that can occur to the breasts after pregnancy. If you have augmentation now, are you destined to need another procedure after your family is complete? The answer to both of those questions is it depends on a number of different variables.


Women that feel strongly about wanting to nurse their children after birth are often concerned about whether that will be a viable option if they undergo breast augmentation. There have been women that have experienced damage to the milk ducts after augmentation, which affects their ability to breastfeed. Loss of nipple sensation is another concern for women interested in nursing after their augmentation procedure.

Complications that affect breastfeeding can be greatly reduced by incision location and implant placement. For example, women that have their incision placed in the breast crease have a much lower risk of damaged milk ducts than those that use areolar (around the areola) incisions for their implants. In addition, those that select to place their implants beneath the chest muscle are much more likely to preserve full breastfeeding capabilities over women that select placement over the muscle and inside the breast tissue.


Potential breast augmentation patients may also be concerned about whether breast changes during and after pregnancy will affect their implants. It is true that the breasts change during pregnancy in anticipation of the breastfeeding to come after the birth. However, the extent of that change is based on numerous factors, including genetics, weight gain during the pregnancy and the frequency of breastfeeding after pregnancy.

With so many variables at play, it is difficult to know whether changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding will affect the appearance of your implants. To minimize those changes, you can take proactive steps like selecting slightly smaller implants and choosing implant placement underneath the chest muscle.


There are also pros and cons to waiting until after kids to move forward with your breast augmentation:

  • You may not want to wait until family plans are complete to enjoy your new body profile
  • It can be more difficult to schedule your recovery period when you have young children to care for
  • Women that wait until after pregnancy and breastfeeding are often more apt to require a breast lift in conjunction with their augmentation procedure

With these drawbacks in mind, there is absolutely no reason why women that have completed their families cannot undergo breast augmentation if they choose. As long as you have sufficient help and support at home during your recovery process, you should be able to heal from your procedure without complications. If a breast lift is required, it can be performed at the same time as augmentation to provide you with full results from a single surgical procedure.

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