Botox: Not Just for Women


Turn the TV on anytime and you see all types of beautiful people.  Young and old; they all look amazing!  Some we can spot a mile away and say to yourself “oh, she had work done!  Look how her face doesn’t have any wrinkles”.   You may not have been looking, but many men are also ‘getting work done’.

Botox for cosmetic treatment has been around for many years.  In its early days, we noticed older female celebrities that maybe overindulged.  Now that the practice has become more streamlined and more “regular” people are doing it, you’ll be surprised to know that guys are getting in on the action too.

According to, 10% of all Botox treatments are done on men.  Regular guys that go into the office everyday and coach little league on weekends are partaking in a little injection here and there.  They aren’t GQ models or celebrities, but regular guys.  Many men are not ready to just grow old gracefully. 

The ease and convenience of Botox makes it a good option for men too.  They can drop in to the office for a quick treatment on their lunch break.  The injection only causes a minor pain, something like a bee sting and lasts a few minutes.  Within days, the wrinkles known as the “11’s” (wrinkles in the center of your eyebrows) are smoothed out. 

Other popular wrinkle treatment areas are the eyes where crow’s feet can appear.  Frown lines are another big area of concern as they can make a man look angry or unhappy even if he doesn’t feel that way.  Most guys though, are far more concerned with the lines across his forehead and the area between the eyebrows. 

How does it Work?
Botox is a great alternative to surgery.  When the Botox is injected it paralyzes the muscles that help to create the lines and wrinkles.  Men will see smoother skin within a week and sometimes sooner.  There is virtually no recovery time.  He won’t notice or feel the Botox either.  After a while he will forget he even had the treatment done!

The results of Botox treatments will generally last about 4 months.  Additional treatments will be needed for maintaining that youthful look.  Studies have shown that consecutive treatments can provide longer lasting effects.  Some practitioners believe that men can expect after the third or fourth treatments the effects to become more lasting. 

Results will vary, like any cosmetic procedure.  Talking with your Botox professional performing the treatment will help set realistic expectations.  Discuss what areas are problems for you and be clear with your goals.  They can help you achieve better results by having a clear picture of what you are looking for from your Botox procedure.

Whether you are a celebrity or just a dad who coaches baseball on the weekends and you’re unhappy with your wrinkles, Botox may be the option for you.  Many regular guys are having the treatment done for more than just their unwanted lines like excessive sweating or to find relief from an enlarged prostate.

Always discuss with your doctor the risks and benefits of any Botox treatment you are considering.  Make sure you research the doctor that you are interested in before you decide to have any Botox treatments.  Making sure that you find a knowledgeable and experienced provider will help ensure great results from your Botox injections.

Article by
South Bend Facial Plastic Surgeon