Botox for face slimming or jaw reduction


I perform non-invasive facial and jaw line contouring and slimming by using Botox Cosmetic.

Angular jaw lines and round faces are very common facial features, especially in Asian ethnicities and particularly in individuals of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese decent. In Asia, jaw bone reduction surgery has been increasing in popularity for slimming down prominent, round faces.

However, Botox Cosmetic, which is well known for treating wrinkles and frown lines, can alternatively be used for facial contouring. Instead of undergoing invasive and complicated jaw bone reduction surgery with a plastic surgeon, using Botox injections to contour the face and jaw line requires no downtime afterward and it is safer, faster, and less expensive.

The full slimming effect becomes apparent approximately two weeks after the treatment and these results can last anywhere from four to eight months. The cost for using Botox for facial slimming can range from $800-$1200.

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San Francisco Plastic Surgeon