Little Known Botox Facts


  • While most people who receive Botox are between 35 and 55, that trend may change soon. New research in people in their 20's suggest that Botox can be used to prevent future wrinkles.
  • Botox may become a routine part of many operations. To ensure a nicer healing scar, Botox injected into the area of the incision can relax the muscles in the area causing less tension. As the incision heals with less tension, the scar will not be pulled apart and result in a smaller and nicer appearance.
  • Depression may be helped with Botox. Recent studies suggest that Botox might even be better than Prozac for depression. This is probably attributable partly to feeling better about your appearance.
  • Painful involuntary spasms of the bladder can be helped with Botox injections. This is a form of incontinence and is easily treated with bladder injections with Botox.
  • Muscle spasms associated with TMJ are significantly improved with Botox injections of the chewing muscles. Dr. Weiner has treated these patients for over a decade.
  • Migraine sufferers who are triggered by tension headaches in the forehead get tremendous relief with Botox in their forehead area.
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Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon