Body-Jet, Water Assisted Liposuction and Fat Grafting


Someone once said “Old age isn’t bad when you consider the alternative.” So, in the struggle to retain a youthful appearance, many turn to anti-aging alternatives to hide those inevitable signs of age that creep up over time. The fight for a slim and trim physique proves to be more difficult the more we age, but advances in the aesthetic and cosmetics industry are reversing these struggles. The technology revolution has developed amazing techniques that can enable you to maintain a youthful look with little effort and discomfort while also being easier on the wallet.

Steven Weiner, MD of the Aesthetic Clinique in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida recognized the need for non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments which help to eliminate those ugly signs of aging through ground-breaking technologies that create lasting results with nominal downtime.

His newest procedure called Body-Jet is the most recent breakthrough in fat elimination. As weight gain inevitably creeps up, many turn to painful surgery to remove the fat which requires days of uncomfortable recovery. With Body-Jet, physicians are able remove fat in a similar way to liposuction, but with less downtime and discomfort, and faster recovery for the patient.

Performed under local anesthesia, Body-Jet is a water-assisted form of liposuction that is performed in-office. Developed to alleviate the customary side effects of surgical liposuction, Body-Jet can permanently remove fat cells from multiple areas of the body without causing trauma to other structures such as the blood vessels and nerves. The technique uses a fan shaped nozzle to transmit a pulsating water spray which gently loosens the fat cells from the connective tissue. The removed fat cells can then be used as an alternative to fillers and can also be used for grafting of the face, hands and natural augmentation of the breast.

“This is a huge development in the aesthetic industry. Many patients are hesitant to undergo liposuction since it comes with a considerable recovery period. Using this new method not only gives you permanent results with less downtime, it also provides the patient with a natural alternative for fillers and other cosmetic treatments,” says Dr. Weiner.

Water-assisted liposuction has proved to be far superior to traditional liposuction due to factors such as reduced session length, less discomfort and side effects and shorter recovery times. In comparison, Body-Jet avoids the problems associated with tumescent infiltration used in standard liposuction procedures. Tumescent infiltration causes tissue swelling which lowers operative accuracy and can result in serious side effects. Patients can often go about their daily routines as soon as the treatment is complete. According to Dr. Weiner, his aesthetician underwent the procedure on her abdomen and then assisted in the next case.

Aside from creating a slimmer, more sculpted figure, the fat that is removed from problem areas can then be reused in areas such as the face, hands and breasts. Natural breast augmentation is a process which injects the removed fat cells into the breast area to create a natural, fuller look without the pain and downtime typically linked to breast augmentation. Now a viable alternative to breast implants, this alone is one of the medical breakthroughs associated with this new technology. Clients are much more open to using their own tissue versus saline or gel implants.

The Body Jet Liposculpture procedure is nothing less than mind blowing. How many times have you thought or heard someone say "If I could just take the fat from my thighs or belly and put it over here"? Well now you can! For those that don't want chemicals injected into their face or breast augmentation with implants but instead want to redistribute their own body tissue, the procedure has been perfected and the Dr. Weiner is the only MD to offer this treatment along 30A. It's safe, easy, and involves minimal if any discomfort.

“I was fully awake and alert, carrying on conversation throughout the entire procedure. I took no pain medication and no sedation. The combination of competitive body building, then living a healthy life style of fitness and clean diet resulted in the significant loss of subcutaneous fat in my face leaving me with a drawn or gaunt look,” says Donna C., a client at the Aesthetic Clinique. “So when it came to injecting the harvested tissue into areas most affected the overwhelming response was ‘wow!’ By restoring the volume lost it was as if he was turning back time. Without any hesitation I recommend this procedure for anyone that wants a safe and easy way of removing unwanted fat and using it to permanently correct the result of tissue loss,” she added.
Amazingly enough, technology never ceases to amaze us as newer, safer and more advanced procedures arrive on the market. Water-assisted liposuction, often called water lipo or H2O lipo, has dramatically changed the way many Americans look at body sculpting. And in today’s fast-paced climate, time saving and natural alternatives are highly sought after. Advances in non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures have proven to be an effective way to maintain a youthful appearance and eliminate the signs of aging.

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