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The gradual development of facial wrinkles and pigmentary irregularity are signs of accumulated skin damage and inevitable aging. Premature aging and wrinkling of the skin may be accelerated by excessive exposure to the sun and other elements (photoaging), overactive muscles of facial expression, the use of tobacco products, poor nutrition, or skin disorders including acne.

Skin analysis should be the starting point of any rejuvenation process. During your Utah skin treatment consultation, Dr. Barr will examine your skin to assess the factors that need to be addressed, such as wrinkling, brown spots, red spots or scarring. A tailored and comprehensive treatment will then be developed.

Photoaging is distinct from the intrinsic (genetic) aging process. It causes wrinkling, loss of elasticity and change in texture of the skin as well as pigmentary changes. UVA and UVB rays from the sun are both responsible for photoaging. UVB rays are highly implicated in skin cancer as well as aging of the skin. UVA rays are less cancerous than UVB rays on a dose-for-dose basis, but 10 to 100 times more UVA rays reach the earth. Additionally, the UVA rays penetrate more deeply into the skin. Sun protection is the most successful means of combating photoaging and preventing UV damage, but most sunscreens are directed only toward UVB rays. Physical agents such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are excellent for active patients and are effective over both the UVA and UVB range.

There is no better treatment than prevention. Prevention of photoaging should play an integral role in any skin fitness program. Physician directed skin care can be used to prevent, treat and reverse fine lines and pigmentary changes and may serve as primary or adjunctive therapy to more aggressive rejuvenation programs. Dr. Barr also uses a vascular laser to treat red spots (rosacea, telangiectasias) as adjunctive therapy as necessary.

For more extensive skin damage, medium to deep chemical peels form the cornerstone of Dr. Barr’s therapy. The history of phenol and croton oil based peeling dates back to Hollywood in the 1920’s. Dramatic changes in our understanding of and experience with these solutions have provided physicians with a tool that can provide dramatic results unparalleled by any other method. Specially formulated peeling solutions are individually tailored to each patient according to the extent of skin damage and degree of rejuvenation desired. These solutions give Dr. Barr the capacity to precisely affect depth of regeneration by varying the concentration and application method. The technique she uses provides a more versatile approach to skin rejuvenation than any other method available. Patients may notice that the skin remains pink and then lighter temporarily after surgery, but this condition will subside when the skin’s pigment level has been restored. Patients will then take pleasure in new, smoother and younger looking skin.

Dr. Lucy Barr is one of only a few female cosmetic surgeons offering skin rejuvenation services in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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