Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery


Even though most people think of breast reduction surgery as an aesthetic procedure for women who find their breasts too large for their body frame, it has other benefits as well.  Breast reduction is also performed on women who suffer from physical symptoms resulting from overly large breasts. These symptoms can include skin irritation in the breast crease, chronic pain in the shoulder and back, poor body posture and difficulty participating in physical activities.

One of the most obvious benefits of having breast reduction is that women’s self confidence often improves. This is because the size and appearance of women’s breasts often has a significant impact on their body image.

Some patients with extremely large breasts have had their posture affected by the condition. These women often bend forward due to the weight of their breasts. If a woman suffers from this condition, breast reduction surgery is an effective way to improve her posture. The surgery will allow her to move with considerably less difficulty. In these cases, some insurance companies provide coverage for the surgical procedure. Plastic surgery, if used help patients live a more normal life or for reconstructive purposes, may be covered by patients’ insurance policies, but this is not the case for surgeries that are performed primarily to improve a patient’s appearance.

Another problem of having inordinately large breasts is that it can make participating in sports and other physical activities difficult and uncomfortable.  In the worst cases, women find it hard to perform daily activities, especially if their breasts are so large that the sagging almost reaches their tummies. Breast reduction surgery can address this problem, allowing women to enjoy sports and live a normal life.  This can be a very freeing experience for patients who were once hindered by their large breasts.
In addition to improving the body’s contour, breast reduction surgery can treat chronic pain in the back, shoulders and neck caused by the weight of larger breasts.  If a woman is suffering from these types of pains, breast reduction surgery can be used to address such problems.

One other advantage of breast reduction surgery is that it usually provides lasting results. The main reasons it doesn’t is due to excessive weight gain or pregnancy. In these cases, plastic surgeons generally recommend women wait to have the surgery until they are finished having children or they have achieved their ideal and stable weight.

While breast reduction can produce amazing results, the surgery will not ultimately prevent the breasts from becoming saggy with age and the pull of gravity.

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