Before Breast Augmentation


 Before Breast Augmentation Two weeks before

You need to quit smoking 15 days before the procedure to improve circulation to the skin and accelerate the healing process. You must also stop using drugs with anticoagulant effects, such as aspirin, Coumadin, Lovenox, ibuprofen and Vitamin E to reduce the risk of bleeding during surgery.

The day before

Do not consume any food or drink from midnight the day before your surgery, including water, ice or candy. The only exception is that you can take medications in the morning of surgery with a little water.

The day of surgery
Wear comfortable clothing. You can bathe with soap regularly. Do not wear jewelry or valuables to the clinic. Be sure to coordinate the transfer of clinical home either through a family member, or consult for the ambulance service. Ask us about other complementary services offers in order to ensure a pleasant and appropriate postoperative.

What to expect the day of surgery?
Your surgery will be done in the appropriate clinic, where must be at least one hour before the scheduled time. There you'll find a team of nurses and specialists who are responsible for ensuring their safety and comfort of the patient at all times.

When it comes, you will be accompanied by a staff member to the pre-operative area where you can change assessment. At this time your skin will be marked by the surgeon, and will have the opportunity to make any last minute questions. It will then be transferred to the operating room, where you connect equipment to monitor the procedure. The anesthesiologist will apply drugs intravenously to sleep it off.

The stay in the recovery room varies according to the course of the procedure and the patient, but usually lasts for an hour and a half to two . Once you have been discharged, you can go home, either by ambulance or with a companion. It is important to be accompanied during the first night, since you have received sedation.
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