How to avoid burning after liposculture


After a liposculpture, It is very important to follow the recommandations done by your doctor. 

Most of the patients have the wrong idea that staying on bed after surgery is good. Let me tell you that by staying on bed you will delay your time of recovery and will increase the swollenness for a longer period. Also will increase the chance of having a burned skin.

Here are some of the most common recommandations to avoid burning after liposuction: 
As faster as possible you have to get out of bed and keep active.

It is important to avoid sleeping during the day. 

You have to start with the lymphatic drain massages as earlier as possible. Ask your doctor when you can start them.

If you feel any discomfort or pain on one area avoid putting pressure on that area and let it know to your doctor immediately.

Stay in a cool room, avoid sweating and high temperatures.

Wear a cotton T-shirt under your garment.

Apply some maternal pad on areas of more pressure.

Have your medication as they were prescribed. 

Sometimes according to your case it is recommended to remove the garment until the burned area improves.

Your doctor can prescribe you some creams that will help the healing process but it takes some time, so you need to be patient and have a good care of the area affected. 

Dr Yvelisse Bello
Plastic Surgeon


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