Did Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe and Madonna All Get Chin Implants?


What do beauties Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe and Madonna have in common? They are all rumored to have had chin implants!

Chin implants aren’t just for women either. Certain traits are common to both men and women who are considered attractive. A triangular shape to the lower face, often determined by a strong chin, defines this attractive triangular appearance. If you look at attractive people, most have strong chins.

A weak chin is actually one of the first things that people notice because it can determine the shape of the face. While it is completely unfounded, people with weak chins can be mistakenly be perceived as being less influential or authoritative.

Fortunately, chin augmentation is a very predictable and effective procedure to correct this issue. It is performed one of two ways:
1. making a small incision in the mouth and placing a silicone implant directly on top of the chin or
2. making an incision below the chin while also performing a neck lift.

Benefits of Chin Implants
The outcome of getting a chin implant is often dramatic and very impressive. Chin augmentation produces great results because a strong chin does so many positive things to the face. A strong chin that projects as far forward as the lower lip is important in creating an attractive, triangular lower face in both men and women. Further, on a man, it gives a more masculine, authoritative appearance. For women, it gives a more youthful, elegant look. In addition, it helps define the jaw line and improves a droopy or double chin.

The benefits of a chin implant include:
• Can add significantly to the contour to the face.
• Can correct an asymmetrical chin to provide a more sculpted, balanced look.
• Creates a more appealing neck profile
• Creates a more attractive profile.
• Corrects a weak, underdeveloped chin.
• Gives length to the entire face.
• Gives men a more masculine appearance
• Gives the lower face a more aesthetically pleasing triangular appearance.
• Gives the illusion of a smaller nose in people with large noses.
• Reduces the appearance of a double-chin.
• Reduces the appearance of a flat, wide chin which can be a tell-tale sign of aging, especially in women

These are all amazing benefits and contribute to a feeling of increased confidence in private and public life.
So, if you’re looking for a significant improvement in the appearance of your face with just a short recovery time, a chin implant may be an excellent choice for you. Further, if, by chance, you don't like it, you can have it removed.

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