The Ackerman Areola Marker


The Ackerman Areola Marker

Boris M. Ackerman, M.D. Newport Beach, California

Background Information
Limited Scar Breast Reduction Method, also known as vertical breast reduction, is rapidly gaining popularity and acceptance in the United States. One of the most difficult aspects of this type of procedure is correct pattern marking, usually done freehand by the surgeon. The superior portion of the markings, the so-called "mosque" pattern seems to be the most challenging. The Ackerman Areola Marker makes creating this pattern significantly easier and predictable.


First, the two vertical markings are placed on the breast, utilizing the surgeon's preferred method. Next, the superior aspect of the new areola position is marked, usually in reference to the inframammary fold. At this time, The Ackerman Areola Marker is used, either 16cm circumference (P-5006) or 14cm circumference (P-5005) for breast lift and smaller reductions. The limbs of the marker are adjusted to meet the vertical markings appropriately. This method obviates the typical freehand method for marking the most difficult part.

P-5005 14cm Ackerman Areola Marker

P-5006 16cm Ackerman Areola Marker

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