Achieve a Natural Facelift with Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery


Almost all of the patients that come into our practice speak about having a natural facelift. Patients are afraid of looking tight, pulled, surprised, and unnatural. This is not unusual since there are so many bad examples of facelifts in the tabloids and on television. It is interesting to note that all bad facelifts tend to look the same as though the people were related, but a good facelift looks natural and normal and each person looks different. Examples of bad facelifts include Kenny Rogers, and Joan Rivers. Examples of good work include Sophia Loren, Jane Fonda, and Raquel Welch who look amazing despite being in their 70’s. So is a natural facelift possible for everyone or is it just good luck?

Bad facelifts result from pulling too much, taking out too much skin, pulling in the wrong direction, moving the deep layer muscles in the wrong direction and not replacing the fat that was lost. Good facelifts have a number of things in common such as:

1) The incisions are properly placed so that the hairline is not altered. Many bad facelifts move either the temple hairline or the hairline behind the ear leaving bald spots

2) Proper direction of pull for the skin. Pulling in a more vertical fashion is more natural. Pulling in a horizontal fashion gives the patient hideous “joker” type lips.

3) Tightening the muscle in the proper direction. If the muscles are improperly lifted and tightened in the deep layer then bizarre facial expressions and dimples can occur.

4) Removing the right amount of skin. Excessive skin removal causes bad scars and distortion of the ears and neck.

5) Use of fat grafting. A youthful face is not a face with shiny tight skin. Youthful faces have a lot of fat. As we age we lose that fat. If we don’t replace it, it gives a very bizarre and pulled look.

6) Appropriate use of other procedures such as eyelid surgery and brow lifts using the same principles as a facelift.

A natural facelift is possible for everyone. The procedure is tailored to everyone’s individual needs in terms of the particular anatomy that they have. The skin fat and muscle are assessed and then individually adjusted by either additional removal or tightening. At ACPS, we have been performing the natural facelift for over 25 years, incorporating and improving techniques from some of the best facial surgeons from all over the world. 

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Sacramento Plastic Surgeon