The Madonna Lift - Fractional Eyelift


Most of us have heard of or experienced the incredible laser resurfacing treatment called Fraxel. For those unfamiliar with the science behind it (and needing layman’s terms) it essentially works through laser beam-like columns targeting a very specific area while leaving surrounding tissue intact. These beams eradicate damaged fibers in the skin and encourage new tissue with fresh elasticity to grow back in their place. Because not all the skin is affected, healing is quick and virtually painless.

Millions of patients have benefited from fractional resurfacing since its introduction and FDA clearance in 2004. Advances in this technology have been refined to such an extent, that it now mimics the results previously realized only through eyelid surgery. I've pioneered the fractional eyelift, better known as the Madonna lift, a procedure which is a safe and effective alternative to traditional eyelid surgery.

The Madonna eyelift dramatically reduces the appearance of dark circles and eye wrinkles, tightens upper and lower eyelid skin and helps to elevate drooping eyebrows. It has a number of the benefits of a surgical eyelift without the risks and downtime. The only problem it doesn't address is bulging fat pads. Metal eye shields are used during treatment to protect a patient's eyes from injury. The only anesthesia needed for the procedure is a numbing cream that is applied to the eyelids. Downtime is minimal. 

A recent study of Fractional Eyelifts involving more than 300 participants showed dramatic and consistent results. In order to achieve the best results from the Madonna Lift, I recommend three to five sessions delivered at two to three-week intervals.

Article by
New York Dermatologic Surgeon