SmoothShapes Treatment for Cellulite


Cellulite is a universally female issue for women of all ages post puberty. It has nothing to do with what you weigh or how much weight you lose. Cellulite is a skin condition marked by engorged fat cells trapped in a network of fibrous septae located in the hypodermis. The outward appearance of this condition is the dimpled, orange peel appearance of the skin that even athletes and super models search for a way to treat. Cellulite cannot be completely resolved but it can be drastically improved.

SmoothShapes has been in development and clinical trials for the past five years. It is an exclusive, non-invasive technology designed to treat cellulite and subcutaneous fat by synergistically combining dynamic laser and light energy with vacuum and mechanical massage. The laser component directly impacts the superficial fat of the hypodermis by liquefying it with a wavelength that is preferentially absorbed by fat. The liquefied fat moves into the interstitial space and is drained by the lymphatic system for elimination by mild suction and mechanical rollers located within the handpiece.

SmoothShapes efficacy has been clinically proven using MRI, ultra-sound, circumference measurements, and consistent traditional photography. With this treatment, collagen is regenerated, circulation is improved, and metabolic processes are restored. Patients have improved skin tone and texture with less “jiggle.”

The treatment feels like a deep tissue massage and there is no pain or downtime. The procedure is safe and comfortable providing longer lasting results that you can see and feel. Optimum results are achieved by completing a series of eight treatments preferably twice per week for four weeks. Treatments are very safe and effective for gradual improvement in skin texture and smoothness. Results continue to improve up to six months after treatment

SmoothShapes technology is promising because it offers patients a non-invasive, painless treatment that provides longer lasting results in the improvement of cellulite.

Article by
New York Dermatologic Surgeon