SmartLipo Reveals Significant Skin Tightening


SmartLipo, the original laser assisted liposuction system available for body contouring and lipo-sculpture, has received wide-spread acclaim from world-renowned dermatologists. SmartLipo has been noted as "a revolutionary powerful yet non-invasive procedure for the removal of fat using a high-powered laser to sculpt body with fewer side effects." Recent studies on the clinical results of SmartLipo MPX has demonstrated its dramatic effects on the overall texture of the targeted area.
A recent clinical study on the effects of the new SmartLipo MPS was recently presented at the annual conference of the American Society for laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS). Twenty subjects were selected to participate in this study. Each subject reported dissatisfaction in skin laxity and unwanted localized fat deposit prior to the procedure.
The results are as follows: the study demonstrated an 18% reduction in skin surface area.  Patients rated their results are good to excellent in all cases and observed dramatic results in the elasticity of the skin, follow the SmartLipo procedure. Further, this procedure has received additional praise for its promotion of new collagen, which is extremely vital to skin tonicity.
This minimally invasive procedure, which blends dual-wavelength lasers to dissolve fat cells and tighten skin, has become popular among cosmetic patients who seek skin tightening and continues to earn continuous success.
Article by
New York Dermatologic Surgeon