Mending the Heartbreak of Psoriasis and Vitiligo


Thousands of people struggle with these chronic skin conditions. Psoriasis is typically treated with daily skin care regimens including greasy creams and ointments offering only temporary relief. Vitiligo, a condition defined by loss of skin pigmentation, like psoriasis, has been difficult to treat. The new XTRAC excimer laser gives psoriasis patients a quick, easy, painless—and most importantly—safe option providing long term relief. It is especially effective in treating large surface areas.

After approximately 10 sessions, each session lasting only a few minutes, patients notice significant improvement. The laser exclusively targets the areas of concern,
ignoring healthy surrounding tissue. Likewise, patients with vitiligo can experience significant improvement after multiple treatment sessions. The XTRAC is the first FDA approved treatment for mending not only the heartbreak of psoriasis but also the cost. Today, most major insurance carriers cover the sessions. So double your “benefits”
and see what life is like without “conditions.”

Article by
New York Dermatologic Surgeon