Aging Face and Tissue Regeneration - BioMatrix lift


In facial aesthetics, there are two main areas of interest: a face lift procedure classically tightens and repositions sagging tissues, and fillers remove crevices and depressions. We have recently developed a new option in facial aesthetics by combining both a face lift with fillers, called a Biomatrix lift. It achieves results previously not obtainable because it achieves the benefits of both repositioning and volume expansion.

Over the past two years, I have been working with Cook Medical and their biodesign tissue regeneration materials - and am the first facial plastic surgeon to perfect this technique, with very successful results previously not obtainable by either surgery or fillers.  Many describe the results as stepping into a time machine, and the result is permanent. No need for fillers again.

Here's how it works: a biological matrix, infused with growth factors, is used to stimulate the patient's own collagen tissue to grow into the desired area of the face.  The material is custom designed for each patient, and is completely reabsorbed, and replaced by permanent living tissue. The Biomatrix lift technique has been especially useful for the eye socket hallows, that are traditionally difficult to correct.

This Biomatrix lift technique and materials was presented at  the facial plastic academy (AFPRS) meeting in Oct 2009, submitted for publication by our department at the Yale School of Medicine. It was well received by our national Facial Plastic Surgical community, and I will be teaching the technique in the near future to other physicians.

Article by
Greeley Facial Plastic Surgeon