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I am having a severe problem with my Artefille/Bellafill injections. Why have I developed swelling and redness? (Photo)

10 vials of Artefill injected about 5 weeks ago and developed severe swelling and redness about 3 hours after injection. Had asked for cheek volume... READ MORE

Artefill Under Eye Filler Reaction?

I've had Restylane and Artefill under the eyes. Restylane over a period of years; Artefill the 1st time two months ago after skin test w/ no... READ MORE

Does the Artefill Product Even Itself out or is Your Face Uneven Forever?

Im scared the artefill was not evenly distributed because one cheek area seems to be "puffier" than the other. However, its only been 10... READ MORE

I had ArteFill placed 2 weeks ago and I'm still experiencing bruising and swelling? Lid this normal? What should I do? (photo)

I'm 18 years old and always struggled with deep tear trough that runs from my inner eye down to my upper cheeks. I injects 1/2 a string to each side 4... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Reduce Swelling from Artefill?

I had eight syringes of artefill and I am very swelled. Is hot packs the way to go? READ MORE

What went wrong with Artefill under eyes? (Photo)

I recently had Artefill injections under my eyes. The Plastic Surgeon put two syringes around the outer lower corner of my eye were the... READ MORE

3-4 years post op Artefill treatment and I feel like my face continues to swell. Any suggestions?

3-4 years post artefill treatment and I feel like my face continues to swell. I originally did it for under eye but when I smile I see huge bulges and... READ MORE

Can Artefill be removed? Can anything be done to get rid of bruising/swelling after lower eyelid surgery (2 months ago)? (Photo)

Dr. Recommended to inject Artefill to avoid lower eyelid surgery. On left side Artefill migrated under fat bags. looked so bad and so swollen that he... READ MORE

How to get rid of swelling under the eye from Artefill 6 months ago? (Photo)

I had Artefill 6 months ago under the eyes it looked really good, then out of the blue under both eyes there was swelling. I look worse then when I... READ MORE

I'm 7 wks post ArteFill. Can less abrasive temp filler be used on a small area missed or under-filled with Artefill? (Photo)

Swelling/bruising almost all gone. Area under rt eye under-filled due to immed swelling & tear troth untouched. Now 1eye is smooth & other has sunken... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried About Swelling After Non Surgical Rhinoplasty with Artefill?

Over the last year, I have been receiving artefill injections in my nose for non surgical rhinoplasty. It has been going well but the last procedure... READ MORE

Artefill Post Op Redness is Scaring Me

I had Artefill injected into a facial scar on Tuesday, August 9, 2011. Today is Thursday. I have very bad swelling and redness. I iced all day... READ MORE

Is swelling after Artefille injection near tear troughs and under eyes normal?

Each side of nose (upper side) and cheeks are red and swelling under eyes and and the whole front cheeks. Took some Benadryl and iced the area but not... READ MORE

ARTEFILL, Ten thousand worth over three years keeps disappearing. Took is two places to i didn't want it to go. (Photo)

This time they used a cannula first time . . i have a huge bruise swelling so sore and only one place i see a different s I had 2 more ARTEFILLS... READ MORE

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