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Confused About Artefill - Permanent or Not?

Hi! I'm really confused about Artefill haha. I've read that artefill is a permanent filler, yet it last for 5-10 years. I also read another... READ MORE

Real Scoop on ArteFill Management?

I'm confused. Ive read that artefill is completely irreversible, while I've also read that it can be somewhat managed through perhaps surgical removal... READ MORE

If Artefill is Permanent, Why Did Mine Disappear in One Month?

I had acne scars and they raised them with the Artefill. They said to come back in 30 days to get more. It took 3 weeks to get the results. My scars... READ MORE

How much does it cost for a permanent nose fillers such as Artefill?

How much does it cost around I live in NY and was wondering how much and where to get it. READ MORE

Artefill to Correct an Over-done Liposuction?

I was left permanently disfigured from over agressive lipo. I am very thin no body fat to graft/transfer to the areas to correct the disfigurements. I... READ MORE

Would you advise patient to use permanent filler like ArteFill over re-injection of a HA-based filler?

In 'the best of all possible worlds,' where a patient could financially afford re-injection of an HA-based or other temporary dermal filler in the... READ MORE

I just got artefill injections but I'm confused about a lot of different information out there. Any suggestions?

It seems like there is a lot of different information about this product and it's longevity. 1. Will the artefill I had injected lose volume over the... READ MORE

Permanent Fillers In Young (Early 20s) Patients? Risky?

I'm 21 (& thin) with a concave skeleton so I have noticeable lower eyelid grooves as well as nasolabial folds. My question is, if I use permanent... READ MORE

How can I get rid of Artefill filler in my chin?

I had Artefill injected in my chin in 2009 to restore loss of volume in that area.It has now migrated south,become asymmetrical & droops(more... READ MORE

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