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Treatment For Lumps 3 Weeks Post Artefill? (photo)

I live in San Diego and 3 wks ago had Artefill injected in tear troughs, lips and laugh lines. I now have a lump under each eye at inj. sites and... READ MORE

Nose Skin Not Healing After Artefill Nose Job: What Should I Do to Help the Skin Heal?

Nose skin not healing after artefill nose job 1 year ago, what should I do to help the skin heal. Not sure if the skin is dying or damaged. Is there... READ MORE

How To Remov Artecoll From Lips?

Hello, I have had Artecoll injected twice to my lips. Once was with Artecoll in Toronto, second time was from Artecoll from Columbia which actually... READ MORE

How Can Artecoll Be Reduced in Appearance?

I'd Artecoll injected on my jawline(rightside)because I lost a lot of facial fat from a therapy to treat a scar. i looked very bad &... READ MORE

I had Artecoll injected into my lips about 10 years ago. I want it out! (Photo)

I've been looking up doctors that specialize, I absolutely want to do this, but I'm so scared of getting botched and looking worse than I do now. Is... READ MORE

Artefill to Correct an Over-done Liposuction?

I was left permanently disfigured from over agressive lipo. I am very thin no body fat to graft/transfer to the areas to correct the disfigurements. I... READ MORE

Can Artefill be removed? Can anything be done to get rid of bruising/swelling after lower eyelid surgery (2 months ago)? (Photo)

Dr. Recommended to inject Artefill to avoid lower eyelid surgery. On left side Artefill migrated under fat bags. looked so bad and so swollen that he... READ MORE

Artefill is hardening in my face. Is there any way to remove this stuff? (Photo)

I had Artefill injected above my upper lip, on the bridge of my nose and a few other places on my face about 2 years ago. It has Hardened in all of... READ MORE

How to get rid of swelling under the eye from Artefill 6 months ago? (Photo)

I had Artefill 6 months ago under the eyes it looked really good, then out of the blue under both eyes there was swelling. I look worse then when I... READ MORE

Successful removal of Artefill/Bellafill?

1) Is there anyone who is specialized in removing Artefill/Bellafill in Southern California? If so, can it be successfully removed from the nose? 2)... READ MORE

Artefill on face caused bump and made dark eye circle very obvious. Is there a way to remove the Artefill? (Photo)

I had an artefill injection around my eye circles. It is forming bumps and I can feel it when I touch the skin. But the worst thing is it formed dark... READ MORE

Artecoll injection on lower jaw for a week, so scared after knowing the side effects, considering of the removal.

Did this in a korean hospital called banobagi by a highly-experienced doctor who keeps telling me don't worry too much. but after knowing that the... READ MORE

Surgical removal of Artefill from cheeks?

Hello, I had artefill injected into my cheeks (fat pad area) 3 years ago and I feel it is overeilled and ages me. Could anyone recommend a surgeon who... READ MORE

Any promising options now or in the future for removing Artefill? (photos)

Had Artefill injected 8 years ago & as my face ages there's a puffy Artefill injected spot that has settled into my left jowl. I'd prefer not to have... READ MORE

I have a similar problem with Artefill injections and I had a series of four injs- Is there another option that may work?(photo)

I have a similar problem with Artefill injections as many others on here. My surgeon is very skilled but has never encountered this issue, especially... READ MORE

I need to know the best treatment for my case of a botched job of ArteFill placed underneath with too much kenalog (Photo)

I need help fixing the darkness or "shadow" under my eye that was caused from the excessive bruising of artefill, I need help with fixing my orbital... READ MORE

ArteFill, Silikon 100 or PMMA?

ARTEFILL or SILIKON 100 or PMMA ? I need to ad volume around my cheeks and nasolabial folds . (I don't want temporary fillers) . Which has the best... READ MORE

Are there any doctors that have successfully removed ArteFill from under the eyes?

I had Artefill done from a Suneva injector under my eyes about 2 years ago. 6 months after injection my eyes both puffed up underneath. I look tired... READ MORE

Artefill Removal from Nose?

I'm looking for credible options for removing 1.5cc Artefill from my nose? Would an open (external) approach be needed or can all the filler be taken... READ MORE

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